Who Can Understand It?

In one minute, we can go from recovery to relapse who can understand it. We know the path of destruction is ahead and yet we choose to entertain thoughts of using and then the act itself. Without any thought of who will be affected and who will lose, it ends up that we are the thief in our own temple. With temptation surrounding us we still have a choice, a choice to say, “I am worthy” and a confidence to stand as a pillar when all other influences seem to nudge at our recovery. So how do we beloved women find this confidence, by understanding our existence. Our existence before the mistakes, before the shame, and the guilt. We are created for a greater purpose then what we see in the mirror, even at our best, even when we have been in recovery for years, there is still more to achieve in recovery. Know you are women of influence, the backbone of the family and a pillar in the world. Find your purpose.

·        Meditate- weather you believe it or not you are created for a unique purpose. Stay humble and walk with a grateful heart for the many chances we are given daily.

Prayer- Pray for a heart of gratitude and to find a place of being content so that no matter what circumstances we face we will overcome. Pray to grow in knowledge so we may give God glory and be a testimony of strength in recovery for other women.

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work:

 If one falls down, his friend can help him up.~ Ecclesiastics 4:9&10