Setting Personal Boundries


When we talk about boundary issues, what we are usually referring to is "working out a respectful way to communicate with others." So how do we set limits to take care of the other person and ourselves?
1) Is it in line with my morals and values?
2) Do I feel okay doing it?
3) Do I feel uncomfortable saying yes?
4) Do I feel guilty saying No?

If you are not comfortable with any these options, It is a good idea to set back and see what are your limits, what are your boundaries. Remember you are Priority!

Example: Instead of saying "No" or explaining, another approach could be " I unable to commit at this time however I appreciate you asking me."

In personal and working relationships, communication is key.
Having a family member is prison or having a past of substance use is not always information that is easily shared. There can be judgement passed by those that don't understand, be wise what you choose to share, remember a supportive and recovery environment is necessary.