WSW is a community of women who focuses on connecting, encouraging and building women. Our faith-base structure focuses on social development, recovery, and mentor-ship. Dedicated on helping women in recovery and women with loved ones incarcerated.

This two fold women's network is what makes it exciting. Impacting lives with training, sisterhood, Gods word, encouragement and support. 



History of WSW

In 2011, Women Strengthening Women began as home base support group for women. With a couple of women coming together sharing our struggles, receiving encouragement and resources, a sisterhood was formed. We realized there we had broken sisters in the church and as a faith base ministry we realized how many sisters are hurting outside church walls.

As we connected with women of different backgrounds we seen there is great strength that comes when women unite and that has been our motto since, connect, encourage and build.

In our community of women there were a large percentage in recovery, struggling with addiction and had loved ones incarcerated. Our goal is always welcome our sisters and we hope you will be a part of our sisterhood regardless of where you are in life, we are here for you.



A Beautiful Disaster

The elderly judge sitting behind his wooden polished desk in his black robe with the approval of the great seal of California “In God we trust” As she sat there, I put my head down and began to pray “Lord you are in control of all situations you close doors and you open them whatever you decide you are God and we cannot be without you”

 The  courtroom silent as the judge comfortably in his  domain he continues by saying “ twenty years for count one, 45 years to life for count two fifteen years” after all the charges were read you can’t help but to look at the defendant sitting in his orange jumpsuit I call it (the guilty mans suit) wouldn’t you? With his head still high yet though seated behind him I could feel the disappointment as if it were my own life being convicted. With 300+ to be served first before his 500 years. All the while a Marie sobriety still fresh of less then a year.

This was just the beginning of a marriage behind walls and struggle with staying sober. WSW was the support I needed and the strength that has kept me going years later.

Beautiful things come from this broken situation, this is a short into of my life, my beautiful disaster.


The Hurt and The Healer Collide


We don’t know her name, her age, or her history. We know only that she was bad for a season. To be specific, she sold her body for money. Because her sinful lifestyle was common knowledge, people whispered about her, eyed her with disdain, avoided her company.

Except Jesus. He welcomed her touch. He met her gaze. He called her forgiven.

Liz Curtis Higgs

Friendship- The Wonder Drug

Studies have shown that women who talk with friends suffer fewer bouts of depression and anxiety then women who go through it alone. women who take time for friends and have a support system reduce stress (venting decreases cortisol a stress hormone) Next time you feel like using or feel alone,consider reaching out, let us help you.